IVM – Bike Route Planner

Webdesign & Programming

The main challenge for the bike route planner was the development of a design in which the complex amount of data can be accessed intuitively by the user.

With this tool you can plan individual bike tours considering various needs – such as cycle path network availability, route length, type of route, tourist offers along the way and theme routes. Distance, estimated duration, elevation profile with ground conditions and the gradient of a bicycle tour are calculated and displayed – including information about road works and even possible route damages. The export via a QR code to the bike route planner app or as PDF with map display and driving instructions for the way is possible. For enthusiasts, overnight accommodations, service stations and much more can be included in the planning process. Own routes can be saved in a private area and shared with other users.

Via a reporting platform, users contribute to making the bike network safer by declarating damages and automatically forwarding it to the local authorities.

Partner: Trafficon